Friday, March 19, 2010

Cute Websites

In my crafty blog stalking I come across a lot of really cute sites. Here are the links to a few I have found. Enjoy!

This one is written by a friend of a friend. Thanks for the heads up, Janelle!

A friend of mine from high school writes a feature on this site, Poppies at Play, called "Think About it Thursday". Also, every Friday it has a linky party called "Creative Cats". There are always a ton of really cute crafts linked up.

Last night I discovered Young House Love, which is so fun. It is especially fun if you love looking at houses.

Another great one if you like houses is Hooked on Houses. (Janelle tipped me off on that one, too!)

And I'm sure you've all seen this site, but I'll throw it on here anyways...Homemade by Jill! I love her stuff. She is so creative, and makes me want to hone my sewing & other crafty skills every time I go on there.

There you go! Now, go feed your crafty, bloggy addiction!

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Janelle said...

I'm sorry I never told you about YHL's a great one. Another you might like is Kid Giddy. Also written by a friend.