Monday, October 13, 2008

Cute Covered Books

My sister Sariah made these at her "Little Womens'" activity. They are super simple to make, and oh so cute. They covered paperback Book of Mormons (or is it Books of Mormon? *ha ha*), but you could do journals, notebooks, or anything else you want. ("Anything you want to keep cold, Tommy.") It's pretty self-explanatory by looking at it, but I'll write out directions just in case. Plus, I don't want to forget what they looked like 'in real life' and not be able to make them.

1. Find cute fabric. Wrap it around the book, lining up the bottom edge with the bottom edge of the book. Mark the fabric to be cut at the top edge of the book, and a little longer than the side so you can wrap it around. You could also do it so that you have a little bit to fold over on the top and bottom as well, if you wish.

2. Cut out the fabric and lay it out on the table. Apply a spray adhesive to the fabric, then place the book on the fabric accordingly.

3. Using a cute coordinating ribbon (a wider ribbon works the best), make a tie closure for your book. Do this by wrapping the ribbon around the book horizontally, leaving extra ribbon to make a bow with.

4. Glue the ribbon to the book. Now, glue an artificial flower (stem removed, of course) to the front on top of the ribbon. Let it dry and you're done!

UPDATE: Here is the link to a whole bunch of really cute notebook covering ideas on Tip Junkie.

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